That "Island Feeling!"

tropical shores steel drums

Hiring Tropical Shores

Tropical Shores Steel Drums would love to add "That Island Feeling" to your next event.

Our pricing model is based on a fee key points.

1.  What is the date of the event?  

     Some dates are more expensive than other dates depending on the popularity of the date.

2.  What times are involved in the event?

     The longer the event, the more expensive the price.  95% of our performances  do not                                                                                                                               exceed longer than 2.5 hours.

3.  Where is the event location?

      Obviously the further away the event is, the more mileage costs will be involved.

4.  How many players are needed?

     Tropical Shores normally performs with 2 musicians and professionally recorded backing tracks.  Extra players (if available) would add cost.

Generally speaking, our fees look something like this:

Hours       Players     Fee            Players         Fee

1                     1               $150               2              $200       

2                     1               $200               2              $275                                   

3                     1               $225               2              $325

   These prices do not include mileage and are estimates only.